Lead With a Kingdom Purpose

What does it mean to lead with a Kingdom Purpose?

I hope you’ve had the privilege to meet people who lead with purpose.  They lead decisively, with direction, intention, and confidence.  I’ve been so blessed to work under the direction of leaders that lead with purpose and vision.

Have you ever been under the leadership of someone that did not lead with purpose?  Maybe they waffle back and forth on decisions, doubt themselves, or maybe even micromanage the details without a clear vision of the end goal?

I think we can all agree that being under the leadership of the first type of person limits frustration, increases productivity, and can be incredibly rewarding… but for what purpose?  Many businesses and organizations have noble purposes of providing products and services that people need.  Some even go above and beyond in quality and putting the customer first… but what of an eternal purpose?

It is a noble thing to build a successful business to provide for your family, and maybe even provide for many families by employing others.  It is a noble thing to treat others well and fill a need in our community… but is there a purpose beyond that?

Daniel 2:44 states that God will establish an everlasting Kingdom that will crush ALL earthly kingdoms. Only one kingdom is eternal, and that is the Kingdom of God.  Our businesses and organizations will not last forever, but that does not mean they cannot leave an eternal impact!

What does your business or organization do to point people to Christ?  What do you do to provide for the poor and needy?  What do you do to ensure that God is honored with and by your business?

You do not have to lead a non-profit organization, a church, or a company that markets direcly to Christians to lead with a Kingdom Purpose!  Hobby Lobby and Chick Fil A are two prime examples of companies that serve and employ people of every faith, but hold to foundational principles and strive to honor God in all they do.

I recently issued a challenge in my own organization to encourage our Christian leaders to put God first in their business, and honor Him above all else.  We will share this same challenge with you.

The Challenge:

1.  Honor God with your firstfruits.  Give 10% of what you earn to your local church. If you are not a member of a local church, research a reputable organization that will donate it to the poor and needy.

2.  Wednesday Fast.  Fast and pray over your business.  You can fast one meal, the entire day, or fasting from meals is not an option, fast from something else that takes up your time and attention (social media fasts are a great option!)

3.  One day of rest.  Rest completely one day of the week.  For leaders, this can be very difficult because there is always something to do.  Honor God with your time, and He will make the rest of your week more productive!

Give this challenge a month, and see if it doesn’t change the focus and intention of what you do.  Don’t just lead with purpose… lead with Kingdom Purpose.