Our Mission

As Christian business owners, we believe that God has blessed our family and our business for a Kingdom Purpose.  Finding this purpose for us and for leaders in our organization has been our passion and mission!

We want to expand this passion to educate, encourage, and empower Christian business leaders all over the world!  To help others identify their Kingdom Purpose and work to succeed in business not to be blessed on this earth, but to advance the Kingdom of God!

Our Experience

I have my degree in theatre, and loved teaching and educating students.  An opportunity to start my own business presented itself to me and gave me the chance to be home with my kids and work on my own schedule.  This business grew very quickly, thrusting me into a leadership role that I was not quite prepared for.  Purposeful Leadership was birthed out of this need in myself to grow myself as a leader, and provide stepping stones for the leaders on my team.  We are so thankful for the opportunity to share our experiences and encourage leaders to find their Kingdom Purpose.


My degree is in video production, but when we had our first kid, I found myself taking an entry-level job in corporate America.  It was through hard work and networking that over the past decade I have been able to move up and into positions that were more specialized, and with more responsibility.  I also bring in experience in church leadership with help planting churches and working behind the scenes.  One thing I’ve learned is that most of the time the daily jobs, careers, and businesses God gives us are simply tools He uses to further His Kingdom.

– Jason